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Curriculum Vitae

Here is my latest Curriculum Vitae (CV)
- Updated March 2022

Courses taken at Georgia Tech:

Computer Architecture:

- Advance Computer Architecture [ECE-6100]
- Advanced Memory Systems [ECE-7103]
- Interconnection Network [ECE-8823]
- GPU Architectures [ECE-8823]
- Digital Systems Test [ECE-6140]


- Advance Programming Techniqes [ECE-6122]
- Advanced Digital Design with Verilog [ECE-8813]

Computer Science:

- Advanced Operating System [CS-6210]
- Compilers and Interpreters [CS-4240]
- Internet Architecture and Protocols [CS-7260]


- Random Processes  [ECE-6601]
- Linear Algebra    [MATH-4305]


- Academic Writing  [CETL-8721]
- Academic Presentations [CETL-8741]
- Professional Communication Seminar [ECE-8022]